Ash Conway, CEO and Founder, BugWolfAsh Conway, CEO and Founder
In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, the importance of a digital products’ quality can hardly be ignored. Any failure to meet stipulated quality requirements can bring in customer dissatisfaction and can blemish the company’s reputation and its brand value. Clearly, prudent investments in quality assurance, right from the initial stage of the product development, can save much of these undue losses. Understanding industry wide demand for quality assurance services, Ash Conway, Founder and CEO, incepted Bugwolf in the year 2013. His ardent interest in software testing, crowdsourcing, game design and innovation motivated him to start the company, which he built on his 20 years of work experience across product design, development, and business development. Headquartered in Australia, and currently the company has strong footholds in the United States, and United Kingdom, with other countries on the radar.
Early on, Ash realized that crowd testing has its own set of challenges; maintaining premium level of quality which the industry demanded was much more difficult to achieve with a larger crowd. “In the early days, we experienced challenges when conducting our own beta program of the crowd testing model.” To address these challenges, one aspect of Bugwolf’s approach relies on vetting the testers and curating bug reports before presenting insights to the client, and thereby putting the data and team through a number of quality assurance gates. By adapting this unique Bugwolf model, in addition to an extensive vetting process for testers, the company has grown immensely in the last couple of years.
Bugwolf’s SaaS Platform, allows customers to gamify their software testing process and workforce. Clients can run their own accelerated test cycles of their products, using their own professional software testers, and employees, or customers. Ash explains, “The platform allows clients to manage their own testing cycles and increase their productivity of their testing workforce. Clients can utilize the platform to design challenges, assemble teams, drive and measure performance and manage results.” This flexibility allows organizations to validate as many different customer flows and scenarios as possible by leveraging internal resources, and thereby improving staff and customer engagement.
Bugwolf offers managed testing cycles using their vetted tester marketplace who compete over an accelerated time to make their client's digital product better. The marketplace allows clients to test during downtime or low traffic periods, over weekends or after hours, thereby minimising business and product development impact. By keeping its teams as well as clients engaged with their proven SaaS platform and testing processes, the company has carved out a niche for itself in the industry.

Bugwolf’s SaaS Platform, allows customers to gamify their software testing process and workforce

The company can adapt its platform to agile, waterfall as well as continuous software development methodologies. Such versatile offerings add flexibility to the client’s work process. As part of the managed cycles the company also appoints a Testing Director, who understands the product thoroughly, to achieve the desired objectives and goals and works closely with the client. Given the demanding nature of the role, only the best in the industry make it into the Bugwolf elite testing teams and testing director roles.
In its list of clients, the company proudly counts National Australia Bank (NAB), Treasury Wines Estates and Australia Post among others. Foreseeing the future Ash states, “Our team will continue to grow our customer base in the US, UK, and Australia, and expand our SaaS platform, vetted marketplace of elite testers, and our engineering and customer focused teams.” With a self-motivated entrepreneur like Ash at its helm, expect Bugwolf to grow many folds in both business model improvements and increased efficiency of its platform and services.