Thomas Jackson, Co-founder & Andrew Woo Schill, Co-founder, Bayes Digital SolutionsThomas Jackson, Co-founder & Andrew Woo Schill, Co-founder
For retailers the challenges today are many. Engaging consumers is now more critical than ever; much evolved through these years, consumers now demand personalized shopping experience. “That’s why we have developed an AI-driven chatbot platform that can create strong call-to-action (CTA) for a retailer’s customers by pushing relevant information that will gently and seamlessly nudge them down a decision journey. We specialize in increasing basket size and lifetime value per head for our retail customers using the Bayes AI-driven chatbot platform,” mentions Thomas Jackson, Co-founder of Bayes Digital Solutions.

The chatbot assists retailers to consolidate all sales channels into a single platform and answers consumer queries just like human beings. The platform acts as a sales and marketing battalion and helps retailers to optimize their customers’ decision-making by identifying their needs in very minimal time. One of the key differentiating features of the chatbot is that it can make dynamic recommendations that are pertinent and targeted. Jackson adds, “We turn ‘not interested’ into ‘maybe’ and ‘maybe’ into ‘yes’ and after the yes, we ensure that the order and all relevant details are captured, and correct processes are triggered.” Andrew Woo Schill, Co-founder of Bayes Digital Solutions, proudly says, “Just calling our platform a chatbot understates its true value—a chatbot gives pre-defined answers to pre-defined questions. But, our AI-driven chatbot is much more capable as it can function as a digital business manager and be your sales assistant, customer support team, and operations manager, all in one.” The chatbot redefines the way consumers interact with devices and applications. “Retailers can significantly enhance internal productivity and seamlessly manage their POS transactions and details,” he adds. It supplements the capabilities of customer service teams by allowing them to focus on critical queries while it handles lesser important ones. With the platform, sales teams can refine their work, marketing campaigns, and sales factor to bolster their productivity. “As the chatbot can learn on its own and answer queries like human responses, a lot of routine tasks of a sales representative get eliminated.”

We specialize in increasing basket size and lifetime value per head for our retail customers using our Bayes AI-driven chatbot platform

To give a clearer picture of what the chatbot can do, Jackson cites two examples. The first client already employed multiple sales channels but needed additional insights into their customers to move them in-between those channels as required. The chatbot drove higher cross-sell by engaging customers in ways that created strong CTA in their minds, all without any human intervention. The next retailer wanted to address its distribution challenges and reduce overall marketing expenditure and cost of sales. It had a traditional approach to its workflow and lacked the modern tools that can engage and entice more customers. Leveraging the chatbot and its geo-location feature, the retailer was able to send promotions to customers when they visited a specific area. The promotions now were more relevant and targeted which increased the retailers ROI per head.

Over the years, the firm has played a quintessential role in addressing the needs of retailers and has helped them to grow by connecting their businesses end-to-end. To stand at the forefront of innovation, the company has established relationships with many prominent leaders in the market such as Microsoft and K2. Going further, the company intends to continuously deliver more value to retailers and diversify its base in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and South-east Asia. “Our platform is multilingual which will help us to expand globally and play an essential role in addressing the needs of retailers,” concludes Jackson.