Perry Prichard, President & CEO, 9zero brand LLCPerry Prichard, President & CEO
Consumers don't mind going the extra mile to purchase from their favorite retail store. Interestingly, people find their preferred retail store environment as an extension of their identity. An environment that mirrors their lifestyle and choices. And they don't hesitate to spend an extra dollar on promotional products because of the trusted relationship they have built with the business. Dedicated customers allow retailers to not only achieve improved bottom line by reducing the spoilage and optimizing the inventory. That said, retailers have to bite the bullet of rebranding, remodeling, or finetuning their store environment in accordance with the changing customer demands. They need support to redefine their business without any downtime or unnecessary expenditure.

Over the last decade, 9zero brand LLC has established itself as the turnkey retail environment solutions partner for top retailers. 9zero has the uncanny ability to enable retailers with a commercial environment that gives customers a reason to visit and purchase again and again. 9zero takes care of the mundane: FF&E Installations, wallpaper installation and removal, millwork, light construction, remodeling, graphics design, production and installation, marketing, and project management. And it completes projects with marked quality at an optimum cost and less time. So retailers can invest their time and resources in creating an environment where customers feel welcomed.

"We have emerged as the go to partner for retail environment renovation because of our unique characteristics that include flexibility, speed to action, honesty, and complete openness and transparency," says Perry Prichard, CEO of 9zero. "And we deliver such high value by placing our 250+ people workforce, including internal employees and installer partners, across the US." Be it any location, team 9zero reaches the client's location within a day or two. The company's workforce is allowed to work from home, so resource availability is never a pain for its clients. Whether it is a massive project or a last-minute minor tweaking, talent always remains accessible, which saves time and cost (reducing the travel expense of the workers).

I want them to feel they are part of the company. Not just working for the company

The other key ingredient of 9zero brand is its goal to hire retired veterans. These seasoned professionals bring integrity, discipline, accountability and grit. They also have the skills to tackle challenges required to get the job done. 9zero strives to consistently train them to improve their client engagement skills and address their evolving needs instead of bidding goodbye once the project is completed.

At the onset of the client engagement, our teams at 9zero brand sit down with the client, obtain the working understanding of their vision, goals, time, and budget. Based on the input, they develop/ design plans and calculate pricing, and choose the right install partners for the project based on the job to be done. The installers maintain constant communication with the stakeholders, manage the logistics on clients' behalf, and bring in an additional workforce if required. Project updates are shared with the stakeholders through daily reports, which include issues they came across.

Tuesday mornings are special at 9zero brand. A conference call connects the leadership, employees, and installers. Ideas and experiences are shared to educate and enlighten on the challenges and untold situations that can erupt at the client's location and how best to handle them without causing disruption.

To keep the team motivated and engaged, Prichard wows every individual in the team with gifts that matter to the individual's family. Gas cards, event tickets or the family's dream vacation destination, even gifts their kids enjoy—surprises can come in different ways. "I want them to feel they are part of the company. Not just working for the company."

9zero aims to expand into commercial and industrial painting and solar panel installation as cost and environmental sustainability continues to be the key drivers of innovation in these domains. Plans are afoot to train its workforce in these domains accordingly.