The expansion of takeaway deliveries in the retail industry can be a great example of how providing additional convenience can bring success.

FREMONT, CA: Along with the growth of online, different challenges like squeezed profits, increased rents, and fiercer competition has come to the surface, giving a tough for the retailers to deal with. This has fabricated a picture of an incapable high street, which is victim to the never-ending wave of internet business. Nonetheless, in reality, customers are in search of two essential things, which are efficiency and encouraging customer experience. If these factors are delivered successfully by the retailer, then the future will be bright for the high street. Several companies have their fingers the pulse, bringing the convenience of use and personalized food recommendations to customers via an app.

Creating a more efficient digital in-store experience cannot only be done by catching up with online and trying to duplicate the benefits of the web in the real world. It is also essential for retailers to understand that the physical stores are in a unique position to offer a hands-on experience that the internet might never be able to provide. By having a physical store, retailers can have a great deal of power to reshape time and journey of a customer in the store, as well as also utilize the technology to the fullest. Companies can use augmented reality (AR) screens to help the customers in visualizing how a product can look before it is bought.

Different methods, when combined with technology like intelligent guided selling, can assist the sales advisors to serve the customers better. By considering a small number of customer preferences and bringing down a series of suggested products according to their needs, companies can give a great experience. Such methods provide the store customers new tools to make their experience more appealing and allow the sales advisors to use the tech to enhance their interactions with customers.

Moreover, retailers can increase the in-store efficiency by leveraging automation, mainly when it helps individual staff to serve the customers more efficiently. AI can build digital shelves that can display nutrition facts, prices, and coupons to customers. It additionally reduces the time spent by the staff on labeling shelves and provides them more time to interact with customers, taking the customer experience to a whole new level.

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