Cloud-based solutions, with their ability to provide workers with business visibility, allow them to work remotely while increasing flexibility.

FREMONT, CA: Currently, employees from different sectors opt for flexibility as a key feature of work. In retail, the main component of a job is face-to-face customer interaction, a flexible work environment that offers remote work options; however, it is not an option sometimes. Because of the shortage of retail employees, retailers need to adopt new ways of retaining talent, while providing flexible opportunities for candidates expecting flexibility. At the same time, the value that workers have in flexible work arrangements cannot be overlooked by businesses.

The growing retail environment allows organizations to meet their workers' expectations. The massive growth in online sales offers workers the chance to work remotely. A recent study found that the number of digital buyers worldwide is over 60%, and by 2021 it is projected to outperform 65%. The staff can either be online personal shoppers or online customer service representatives rather than being on the shop floor as a sales representative. Therefore, workers in a business having modern IT infrastructure can use real-time data from remote locations to evaluate buying patterns or to monitor sales trends.

The implementation of cloud-based IT solutions for retail makes remote working arrangements more flexible and easier. This enables employees to work anywhere at any time and to perform more activities remotely than in traditional setups. Since retailers migrate from fixed laptops in offices to cloud-based solutions, they can provide better customer service for the customers as well as better working conditions for workers. Cloud-based solutions give retail workers enterprise-wide insight into all aspects of the business. This enables smooth processes, including better monitoring of out-of-stocks, faster deliveries, and even the management of suppliers, carriers, and logistics providers via digitized records and communications.

It provides flexible, remote working arrangements, thus, providing consumers with a better shopping experience.

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