2020 will witness the adoption of robots, 5G, and more, helping retailers to remain up-to-date developments within the retail market.

FREMONT, CA: In 2020, the retail industry will be shaped by evolving technologies that will change the way customers interact with brands, while retailers will collaborate more than ever to future-proof their businesses. Retailers will increasingly rely on AR and VR to improve customer experience, while enhanced automation will boost supply chain efficiency. With the increase in competition, big retailers and brands are progressively recognizing the enormous potential offered by highly specialized startups.


Investment in autonomous last-mile delivery solutions will increase in 2020, with significant industry player acquisitions and partnerships, as well as venture capital investment. The need to enhance delivery efficiency and minimize logistics costs will power the development of more advanced and cost-effective aerial delivery drones and ground delivery solutions. AI will play a main role in streamlining delivery operations in 2020 to minimize distribution costs and streamline last-mile delivery.


In 2020, robotics will significantly improve the speed and efficiency of operations, boosting productivity, improving the consumer experience, and delivering more accurate and reliable results. Warehouses are central to supply chain management, and some of the most exciting innovations in the field focus on making them smarter. Innovations in robotics are optimizing and automating the storage, packing, and flow of goods within warehouses, making the flow of goods more efficient.


5G technology is expected to bring faster speed, higher capacity, greater responsiveness, and better dependability. This major upgrade in the network helps the companies to improve e-commerce operations and increase the efficiency of in-store technology, generating higher sales conversion. The advent of 5G in 2020 will minimize barriers to entry, as processes shift to the cloud, and smartphones are able to serve as AR devices. The widespread use of 5G technology will enable shoppers to browse websites faster, shop on the go more seamlessly, and engage in more personalized online experiences.

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