The influence of mobile AR shows that although only one-third of consumers have used AR, 73 percent of them reported the experience as satisfying or very satisfying. This shows how promising the early signs of AR/VR are and how it could be applied by brands to build their business

FREMONT, CA: The influence of augmented reality (AR)/Virtual reality (VR) technology on consumers is on the rise. In the retail industry, if customers could visualize products in the comfort of their space and obtain quote and purchase on the spot, it would move the process along much faster than traditional shopping experience and enhance the buyer's journey.

The use of AR/VR by brands has significantly increased, especially for large products such as furniture or construction equipment. Manufacturers or retailers can easily take advantage of these technologies by exhibiting all the available options to the customers, as the former cannot present every item on the showroom floor for the buyer to choose. AR/VR can also help buyers to see the options and customize the products the way they desire. The same applies to construction types of equipment and manufacturers.

Below are three tips on implementing the AR/VR technology

Possibilities of AR/VR

Organizations in B2B manufacturing sector are familiar with legacy sales and customization tactics. Teaching the team about the potentials of AR and VR and what it could do for the brand will help them visualize what the organization needs to achieve to compete for the modern buyer.

Embed AR/VR in CPQ Platform

Embedding AR/VR in the CPQ platform sums a considerable value to the configuration process. The capability of pricing and purchasing process will help customers to move naturally through the entire flow of event, and a modern CPQ tool can unite those phases.

Tweaks and Changes in the Process

If the AR/VR powered CPQ tool does not allow the user to make changes in the process, the effort would not be worth it. Therefore it is essential to team up with a platform provider. Connecting with a cloud-powered partner also enables the customers to access the AR/VR configurator from anywhere in the world and still enjoy a quality experience.

The expectations of buyers are higher now, and if brands cannot meet the expectations, customers will move to a different brand for a better experience. AR and VR are at the top for meeting customers' expectations and beating the competition.

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