Sadly, the retail market is puzzled with slow economic growth but a high expense, which is further multiplied by the new-age customers who tend to have things that are personalized and promoted as per the pricing.

FREMONT, CA: The ecosystem of business has turned out to be extremely complicated, which makes the sustenance difficult on a competitive landscape for the retailers. Retailers need to keep developing, innovating, and diversifying. It can help them in understanding the customer demands better and fulfill their expectations, while providing them an elevated customer experience. It makes the operations of retail extremely difficult for their survival, as well as stops attracting new customers.

Nevertheless, disturbing trends related to the retailers and the customers have resulted in a massive explosion of data, which, when processed and evaluated, can help the retailers with a sizeable opportunity to gather valuable insights. Understanding customer behavior can help the retailers to leverage that information in better decision-making. On the other hand, processing such a large set of data has become a great challenge for companies now.

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As per Gartner, data volume is ready to rise by 800 percent in the coming years, having 80 percent of unstructured data within it. In order to make sense of the capitals of big data, retailers need to have a robust data management solution that can lend a hand in retrieving and processing data from multiple places. It will help the retailers to draw real-time insights for quick decision-making, as well as, generate the actual business value. Predictive analytics has evolved as a clear solution for every data woe faced by businesses. By predicting the customer requirements based on post-interaction, historical, and real-time analysis of big data, it can be satisfied quickly and efficiently.

The blend of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with predictive analytics helps in bringing better accuracy and insightful data. Leveraging a predictive analytics solution can help businesses to make their sales and marketing teams more practical by allowing them to access data such in a precise way. It can enable the marketing and sales teams to resolve, as well as determine a customer’s potential lifetime value.

Furthermore, predictive analytics is beneficial when it comes to identifying issues and trends that have a significant impact on business operations. It can help the retailers to predict when and why the customers might leave the brand behind. Such information will allow the businesses to take necessary actions to improve customer experience and flawlessly serve their expectations.

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