A retailer's knowledge of 2019-digital marketing trends are slowly becoming obsolete, and they need to know a lot more about the trends that are sprouting in 2020

FREMONT, CA: Over the years, digital marketing has evolved as one of the most efficient tools to attract customers and make a brand widely available. Companies of all sizes continue to take advantage of internet-oriented strategies, which are innovative and evolving faster with each passing day.

The trends of online marketing and digital marketing continue to unleash its potential this year too, with newly added benefits. A retailer's knowledge of 2019- digital marketing trends are slowly becoming obsolete, and they need to know a lot more about the trends that are sprouting in 2020. In the modern technological world, digital marketing is gaining more and more space. Digital marketing is impacting the forms of a brand to engage with its target audience. Therefore, it has become crucial for retailers to keep an eye on this changing environment for a number of reasons, like to identify new trends, the emergence of new technologies, and changes in behaviors. Hence, it is imperative to explore the latest technologies and adopt the most recommended practices as soon as possible.

Here are some emerging trends in digital marketing that retailers must have an eye in 2020.

Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has influenced the digital commerce to a large extent. Few tech-savvy retailers have already implemented it in the form of chatbots, and virtual attendants that simulate a human and learn from interactions. AI has a lot more possibilities, and these trends of chatbots and virtual attendants can be considered as the beginning of this disruptive technology. Voice searches is one of the most used use-cases of this technology. In 2019, more than 1 billion people per month had used voice searches option in the internet. Retailers need to determine whether to implement the trends into their business process and capitalize their benefits or keep them for later.

Growing Significance of SEO

Another significant trend in digital marketing, that is on rise this year is SEO-website optimization for search engines. The trend has got a greater appreciation for the work previously and is responsible for the organic exposure of a brand on the response pages of search engines like Google and Bing. Media costs are rising every now and then, and in such scenario, organic exposure becomes very important for retailers to reach a large audience. With this strategic tool of digital marketing, retailers can reduce their spending with paid media. The SEO technique hasn't ripened completely, and there are seamless opportunities that are being discovered each day.

Audio Content

Images indeed attract attention, but that is not the end. Audio is also becoming popular and an important element of digital marketing. The trend goes far beyond the mere conduct of searches done through speeches. Sound content has become a preferred medium for providing an increasingly agile and efficient experience to the users. An alternative to reading a long text is simply including an audio player that makes the content more attractive and lively, thereby allowing users to perform other tasks while the audio is on.

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