AR is the go-to tool for retailers when it comes to engaging customers in product and category exploration.

FREMONT, CA: Retailers that once tried to compete with e-commerce giants are today weaving digital into every aspect of their operations. This transformation is primarily driven by brands that need to anticipate customers' evolving desires. In doing so, retailers need to rethink the relationship between physical and digital world. Blending physical and digital in retail started over a decade ago as brands started leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) in retail operations. For those tech-savvy customers who want to improve their shopping experience, AR makes it possible through product visualization in real-life settings.

Many retailers have already launched into AR. These retailers have the use of AR, as consumers are interested in using the technology for their purchases. Smart mirrors in retail stores utilizing combined techniques of artificial intelligence augmented reality, and movement recognition realizes the dream of open trial rooms. These trail rooms can superpose clothing on customers' own images allowing them to try dozens of clothes. Besides enhancing customer experience, this touch-screen mirror connects buyers with retailers and collects insights from them. The stores can use AR to reduce the time spent in the trail room so that customers can spend time to navigate through other products in their stores, adding value to the consumer experience.

AR is helping consumers visualize products in order to boost their confidence enough to complete the sale. The advantages offered by AR have reduced returns and improved profits. AR can engage customers better with products while encouraging customers to make a purchase. Brands can also use AR in advertising campaigns to give additional product information, thus providing a new selling opportunity.

To create a sustainable long-term strategy, retailers need to use AR. This technology is moving very quickly in terms of what is possible. AR and retail is a match made in heaven.