Retailers who want to be innovative in their offerings take advantage of the power of omnichannel strategies that combine bricks with clicks to increase store traffic, transform customer experiences, and open new revenue streams.

FREMONT, CA:  The habit of buy-online-and-pickup-in-stores (BOPIS) is up a whopping 43%, which proves that brick-and-mortar brands are successfully blending their online businesses into a real omnichannel experience. Retail brands, notably, Walmart has successfully have perfected the “brick and click” model with integrated omnichannel strategies, robust mobile platforms, and well-advertised BOPIS offerings. However, it is a challenging task as it requires complete fault-tolerance in the supply chain, store inventory, and staffing systems as well as web and mobile platforms, which includes networking. However, BOPIS is a customer experience offering, where retailers should extend the network outside the store to mobile devices for employees and added premise security.

Here is how retailers can enhance customer experience inside and outside the store with BOPIS and other strategies:

1. 24/7 WAN Connectivity

Any failure in the wide-area network (WAN) can halt everything. BOPIS insists on the need to deeply interconnect systems across the company to deliver new customer experiences. To boost this offering, retailers should deploy LTE failover to all stores so that a cut cable or flooded conduit does not bring the WAN down.

2. Upgrade Bandwidth Everywhere

As many new and interconnected applications, including guest WiFi and IoT devices, require more WAN bandwidth, retailers should have store networks that extend beyond major cities into secondary and even tertiary towns. Some retailers provide a wide array of bandwidth options that exist for major cities, but they quickly dwindle as one gets out to mid-sized and small towns. Utilizing Gigabit-Class LTE, by deploying 25 to 50Mbps and even 100Mbps of primary WAN connectivity provides a universal bandwidth upgrade solution, thereby delivering better uptime.

3. Implement 5G

In this hyper-connected world, there will never be a no for high bandwidth, high uptime, excellent customer experience innovation, or high connectivity in the future from the retailer’s side. Thus, the growing 5G network will revolutionize how and where retailers can connect with their customers. And it is the time to adopt 5G by implementing advanced LTE technologies, such as Gigabit-Class LTE, into retail networks today while ensuring that a retail WAN is 5G Ready.