The introduction of self-service solutions have helped in customer convenience while shopping, increase store and employee capacity and promote awareness, enabling retailers to effectively drive sales all the while creating an uninterrupted, customized shopping experience for the consumers

Fremont, CA: Retail kiosks, especially the ones designed to carry out ordering and payment functionalities, are adopted and implemented widely in the retail sector. Retailers have found innovative ways to implement self-service solutions. From endless aisle kiosks to customer survey and loyalty kiosks, interactive digital signage, buy online pick up in-store lockers, self-checkout, and more, it provides a smooth and comfortable experience for their customers. And effectively push retailers to drive and improve sales.

Improve Productivity and Capacity

With the implementation of more convenient self-service solutions and kiosks, retailers are also improving employee productivity and overall order capacity without increasing overhead costs.

Shoppers can checkout or pick up their online orders by themselves, allowing retailers to process orders and checkouts more effectually. They can also engage their employees in more hands-on customer service and sales-oriented roles to assist customers in finding what they need in the store.

Promotional Platform

Retail kiosks are developed to perform different functions such as payment, ordering, pick-up, and it can be used as a promotional and advertising platform as well to push customers towards a retailer or specific product. It can be customized to feature both interactive ad static digital signage, allowing shoppers to observe and interact with the information on both the retailer and the products they offer, both inside and outside the store.

Digital signage and kiosks can be updated every day or as needed to keep the content fresh, relevant, and attractive to continue drawing shoppers' attention.

Enhance Convenience

Self-service solutions are designed to improve the convenience factor of traditional retail stores while driving sales. It provides the customers the option to order and pay online and pick-up in-store, browse all available inventory from an in-store endless aisle kiosk or to checkout and pay for their items without having to wait in a queue.

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