Online fashion brands are using new technologies so that they can offer a personalized shopping experience.

FREMONT, CA: Knowing the ever-changing demands of consumers and accelerating time to market have been challenging tasks even for a major apparel retailer, but the situation is taking a positive turn due to the growth in the use of technology in fashion retail. 2019 proved to be a substantially successful year as fashion retailers tried their hands in the increasingly evolving retail world with 4.0 technologies.

The demand for AI, ML, and data analytics has increased that are utilized in functions such as BOPIS, Click & Collect, and Self-Kiosk have increased. Some of the advantages that retailers have been able to offer with these innovations are thrilling in-store experiences, overcoming online shopping barriers, personalized shopping experiences, and better data-driven decisions.

AI-based personalized shopping experience and customer-centric merchandising

AI has found its application in the apparel industry in understanding the demand of customers through apps. It lets retailers reach the right consumers at the right moment with the right product and the right price.

AI-based Chatbots have become the latest sales agents that retailers use to deal with customer requests and customer interaction. These are computer programs or artificial intelligence and Gen Z's most favored communication modes, designed to mimic human interaction by messaging or chat convincingly. It allows clients to type and order a specific product, avoiding the hassle of adding filters, sliders, radio buttons, and checkboxes, making it much easier to discover the product.

Augmented Reality based Virtual Trial Rooms

For e-commerce, the challenge was to have an offline form of experience where the consumers could get the garment's real look. Due to sizing problems, the issue of brands has increased with high return rates. AR (Augmented Reality) came up with a way to address these issues that created online fashion retailers' problems.

Clothing brands provide online fitting room facilities for fashion e-commerce. It added the AR tool to its online platform, enabling consumers to digitally try clothes on the 3D models to help them see the garment's size and appearance. Organizations are also supplying retailers with virtual trial rooms. They offer a technology that enables users to try out clothes and operates as a virtual stylist to suggest their looks.

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