AI in marketing automation has always been there, but most of the applications are evolutionary.

FREMONT, CA : Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a technology that has always had high expectations from marketers. There are many elevated predictions when it comes to AI in the future. Nonetheless, there are numerous applications of the technology that the industry can take advantage of. Machine learning (ML) algorithms primarily identify patterns and essential variables that can give appropriate customer recommendations.


Product recommendations are taken to a higher level with AI and ML. Before the technology advancements, people thought of recommendations in terms of customized merchandising on the page level, whereas it had great potential. Therefore, the availability of the right training data is crucial. Brands can combine AI and other technologies that can automatically tag pictures and text with the product that goes well together.

Physical Locations:

The endless isles, POS checkout, and tablets in physical locations held by the store associates lend a hand in bringing the smarts to the shopping floor. When people have recognized themselves with a loyalty card or check-in, the recommendations go more relevant. In-store behavioral data analysis, possible optimizations can be carried out by AI, while the divide between offline and online lessons. When people buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), they can be targeted with specific product cross-sells once in-store.


Automated pricing optimization is considered as another form of AI, where companies can have personalized subject lines, sub-headers, messages, and offers according to micro-segmentation and automated optimization, along with multivariate testing. AI and marketing together identify hundreds of new customer micro-segments throughout the products, types of pets, and life stages and contribute creative expertise. Different variants are also tested on the auto-generated segments to verify what brings better performance. The key performance indicators are critical while utilizing AI as the algorithms understand what to optimize. 

Product Combinations and Visual Search:

Marketing automation goes beyond the expectations by using AI to match faster and better than even the smartest marketer. There are tools based on ML and AI that can produce digital outfit combinations, providing the customers with nearly unlimited outfit recommendations, and completing their looks.

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