Technology is revolutionizing how the customer's shop; these modern technologies are redefining the retail marketing strategies. Retailers need to be prepared to be at par with the marketing and customer experience strategies according to the latest trends, as well as gear up for the upcoming developments.

Fremont, CA: In this era of digital transformation, customer experience is of the utmost importance for the success of retail businesses. It includes engaging experiences, personalized offerings, improved customer support, a more secure environment, and convenience. By leveraging this type of experience, an increase in brand loyalty can be seen that drives additional revenue, differentiation, and profitability. However, numerous retailers are struggling to deliver these experiences to customers. To gain all this, a change in the cultural mindset is needed along with a technological backbone to support the flexibility required to make changes, updates, adding new applications, and support future innovations.

Many retailers are offering in-store, web, and mobile offerings, but generally, it is not integrated, which leaves the customers frustrated. If a retailer understands the buying pattern such as, percentage of time a customer shops online and how many times a customer walks through physical stores and many more, it is recommended to provide the customer with personalized offerings and services. Not being able to understand customer behavior means leaving sales and profits on the table.

For creating a complete omnichannel experience for the customers, retailers must have an integrated backbone technology that is driven by automation and can analyze information to develop single customer profiles as well as support new applications for both the employees and do their work and provide consumers with a frictionless experience. The technology must be able to deliver the highly reliable performance that is needed to support the traffic on its website applications used by employees, and Wi-Fi consumers might want to use while in a brick-and-mortar store.

The modern retailer depends on a complex infrastructure backbone that includes data center, wide-area networks, and multicloud environments that supports a wide range of appl

ications for collaboration, communication, cybersecurity, and operations to deliver the best customer experience. By fully integrating, it maximizes the value for the retailer, improves customer retention, and provides opportunity for growth.

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