Businesses are increasingly using technology to extract real-time data and enhance the customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: In this digital era, it is a difficult task to build an emotional connection with the customers. A firm relationship with the customer will foster loyalty while producing more customers and sales. By offering amazing experiences, retailers can influence purchasers. Imagine a situation when consumers receive whatever they were looking for. It will produce in a customer experience that one never dreamt of. Retailers can leverage real-time data to understand the wants and needs of the present as well as the future and deliver the best experience they could. Retailers can utilize data about the current happenings to make real-time recommendations that will cater to the customer needs now.

Retailers can track shopping behaviors and the geographic location of today’s customers. They should stay up to date on all media platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more, thereby gaining data from them about the viral trends. It will enable them to stay more relevant and customer-oriented. At the same time, when the consumers get irrelevant items, they wish to return them at zero cost. But providing this convenience is costly for retailers. This is because they have to bear additional charges, including inventory costs linked with shipping costs, returning items to the warehouse, restocking them, checking them in, and preparing them for sale again.

The unwanted costs can be managed with real-time data using which retailers can link logistics, inventory, and e-commerce systems to add in process returns instantly. Also, real-time information can optimize product delivery opportunities considering their convenience to increase future purchases and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, customers are in control of the delivery operation and can decide the future of the transaction with just a click even after the package is out for delivery. For instance, customers can change the time and location of product delivery. This ability demonstrates that nothing is impossible with real-time data.

In this competitive online retail business, firms should look for ways to leverage evolving technology solutions to utilize real-time data that, in turn, can enhance the customer experience. With advancements in data streaming technologies, it is getting easy for retailers to make full use of data while giving them endless options to delight the customers.