Compatio launches new products to support retailers to optimize the buying process for outdoor products.

FREMONT, CA: Compatio launches its Knowledge-based Commerce Suite. The Suite supports retailers in optimising the purchase process for complex outdoor products, which include multiple components. Compatio also announces a See Round of $1.5 million in the financing, bringing total investment in the company to $2.4 million.

Fueling Compatio’s eCommerce plugins' performance is the company’s Product Graph, a proprietary graph database that understands product usage and complex relationships. It has a precision taxonomy and potential logic system composed of curated rules and machine learning. The Product Graph efficiently handles hundreds of millions of valid product combinations with virtually no retailer's maintenance. All Compatio knowledge-commerce products also comprise  CompatioScore, a proprietary algorithm to rate compatibility for optimal recommendations.

Compatio is trumpeting the first three eCommerce plugins of the Suite: Expert Recommender System (XRS), Smart Bundler and Expert Cross-Seller, with more plugins to be introduced in Q1 2021. Compatio Expert Recommender System XRS arms retailers with quick, dynamic, highly-compatible recommendations on every product page. It groups product variants for easy viewing by customers. XRS removes customers' requirement to leave a retailers site to conduct their product research, empowering them to find exactly the right configuration and purchase with confidence that it will fit. Compatio Smart Bundler automatically creates bundles of highly compatible products, like a fly rod with just the right reel or line.

Compatio Expert Cross-seller prompts customers to supplement the item they place in-cart with additional compatible products. Cross-seller might recommend exactly the correct helmets, after-market chainrings, or accessories for cyclists, for example. It displays intelligently and separates products by category for seamless discovery.

Compatios plugins easily combine with popular e-Commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce, and Lightspeeds cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system. Additional integrations are planned for Q2 2021. Compatio’s technology understands the compatibility relationships between products, allowing shoppers to discover and purchase the correct product solution that precisely fits their requirements. Online and in-store buyers enjoy a faster, easy purchasing experience.