Ever since the retail sector has embarked on a journey with technology as digitally native nomads to save the earth, collective synchronous action has become requisite.

FREMONT, CA: Whether in application or apparel, the retail and technology industries are showing constant development fuelled by mutual connection and support. These industries together are responsible for generating trillions of dollars with continuous development processes. In apparel, these processes are called sampling, whereas, in technology-world, it is iterative. Both sectors design and develop products based on requirements, and solutions are produced through the collaboration of the two cross-functional teams. Retail and benchmarking tech encourage these teams to visualize and adopt the best practices. 

Starting from Speed to Arrive at Agility 

Agility is now the new speed in the fashion world. Albeit the existence of pause fashion, slow fashion, and eco fashion, sustainability manages its momentum. All it needs is agility, and for decades now, software-development teams have written code in agile and iterative fashion by implementing various approaches to development. Here requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. A unique aspect of this process is that it includes customers. Agile development enables various positive traits to the teams, including quick delivery of values with higher quality, predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change. 

Collaboration is nothing less than a mandate today. The retail industry is known to be notoriously slow-paced when it comes down to the adoption of technologies. But, the current decade forces the brands and retailers to let go of legacy tools and processes, and focus more on individuals and interactions. Transparency and trends in the sector will drive consumers towards newer brands that commit to saving the environment. The newer brands that use donated and upcycled materials with minimal water consumption, while eliminating waste and toxic dyes will step in to become the "luxury" brands of the era. These luxury brands transform into the core segment of retail that consumers are willing to buy. To establish this message, strong accountability and agility throughout the supply chain processes is crucial. 

The power duo retail and technology has come to realize that experience is what matters the most. As sustainably manufactured products are allotted the center stage position in consumer expectation, brands are depending on strong partnerships with their supply chains to produce apparel that consumers strive to purchase. 

Since the retail sector has embarked on a journey with technology as digitally native nomads to save the earth, collective synchronous action is a requisite. Those businesses, which openhandedly adopt an authentic approach towards agile processes, are ensuring a positive impact on the world we live in today.

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