Branded communities not only increase customer loyalty, but also influence website traffic numbers which result in higher conversion rates

FREMONT, CA: What a brand makes their customer feel is a very crucial aspect to consider. Customers who hold positive opinions towards a brand feel more connected to that business and in turn, are likely to purchase from them. Knowing that a company cares, listens to opinions, and understands helps in building connections between brands and customers.

Prioritize on Genuine Content

A general rule of marketing is that consumers are skeptical when it comes to most branded messaging sent directly from a company. However, they trust reviews from other people just as much as they would a recommendation coming from someone they know personally.

Hence user-generated content, especially on social media is a powerful tool for marketing. It not only creates a more transparent brand, but also gives the audience the chance to create a brand community that shares their experiences and stories in a fun, exciting, and more engaging way.

Plan Content around the Customer Journey

There are ample ways for brands to engage customers in the community, as customers move from the awareness stage to action, and ultimately, advocacy.

An example would be creating communities for each stage. An aware/engage community would show more interest in brand awareness. A social page community with interesting objectives and educational content would make a great place to connect. An advocate community will look for ways to share their experiences with others, so a group forum and membership opportunities would be ideal.

Understand the Types of Content

Social media plays a big role in creating a brand community. Fifty-nine percent of Americans engage with brands through social media several times a day, making it a primary platform to start encouraging a connected community.

Many businesses miss the mark on what needs to be shared. Most marketing teams' goals do not match up to the type of content consumers prefer. Customers are more interested in receiving discounts, special offers, and learning about how to use a particular product. They are also most likely to engage with posts that offer sales or entertainment than with brand-focused content about the business.

It is crucial to note the type of content the audience prefers to engage with, so that the marketing team can start building a community using social media. Rather than zeroing in on strictly marketing-focused content, build engagement by asking your customers questions, inviting them to share their opinions or ideas on your page, or teaching something new.

Implement Feedback for Engagement

Customer reviews are not only a significant instrument for customer service departments when it comes to handling issues and observing consumer sentiments, but it can also be a great starting point for an engaged community.

Using a feedback system allows customers to share their opinion and concerns and makes them feel heard. Twenty-seven per cent of future customers will look through brand community content as they research the business. Creating a platform that allows everyone to share their honest opinions will open doors to respond and engage in conversations and will help attract wider audience base.

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