A digital workplace is becoming increasingly important for organizations these days. It not only makes the workplace attractive but also makes employees feel comfy.

FREMONT, CA: From small startups to giant companies, the majority of dominant organizations in the world, businesses of all kinds, and sizes are integrating new digital technologies into their day-to-day operations. Technology is not limited to just desktop or handheld devices. From virtual building directories to check-in kiosks, interactive digital signage, and automated smart lockers, numerous organizations are seeking out ways for simplifying and enhancing processes and tasks by integrating self-service technologies throughout the workplace.

Virtual building directories

Explicitly designed to provide assistance to both company employees and their visitors, virtual building directories help the users in locating their destination of choice, i.e., from buildings to parking decks, group meeting rooms, and the offices of certain people.

Check-in kiosks

Check-in kiosks are particularly are designed for enhancing the visitor experience. From the moment visitors step in, they can make use of check-in kiosks to securely enter any required necessary information about them, inform the right party of their arrival, print a guest badge, and more. For offices with greater levels of security, check-in kiosks can be utilized by the workers when checking in to work every day.

Interactive digital signage

Interactive digital signage is developed to inform and engage customers. It is utilized for sharing valuable information, facilitate company-wide events, and highlight offerings specific to the company. Because of its flexible nature, interactive digital signage installations can be wall-mounted as well as free-standing and can be designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

Automated smart lockers

In addition to more conventional self-service solutions, enterprises are implementing automated locker solutions. These lockers are used for effectively streamlining processes such as technology rental and check-out processes for camera equipment, computers, chargers, and more. They can also come to use in securing the storage of personal belongings and laptops while workers are engaged in a meeting or are away from their desks. An entirely unattended solution, workers can access the smart lockers by entering a special PIN or scanning a QR code.

With retail outlets becoming increasingly modern, especially those developed for self-service applications, are steadily making their way into more stores than ever before. 

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