When selecting mobile devices, retailers should pay special attention to certain things to make the migration effective.  

FREMONT, CA: Mobile technology has swept the world, and several industries have taken advantage of mobile innovations to make customer experiences better. Today, brick and mortar retail stores are using mobile tech to improve shopping, by making it more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable for consumers. Utilizing mobile technology across retail operation will enable consumers to understand the importance of visiting stores. But shifting from paper-based applications to mobile devices can be a challenging task for brick and mortar retailers. So, here is a blueprint for retailers to consider while choosing mobile devices to enhance the customer experience.

• Ensure Right Training and Support to Staff

Employees in the retail stores have to process payments, print receipts, and at times, handle digital paperwork. For these, they should have the confidence to depend on mobile devices to smooth transactions. These agile devices make work easier for employees only with the right training and support while making the checkout process seamless for shoppers.

• Partner with Service Providers

Retailers often find it daunting to recruit and retain professionals with the right skills, experience, and certifications to execute operations with mobile devices. Stressing on quantifying the purchases, retail stores fail to get the right people to manage devices in-field. Retailers can overcome this challenge by partnering with service providers with vast experience in mobile technology migrations. Looking for partners having relationships with tech giants can assure seamless migration.

• Providing Personalized Support

Devices used by the employees in a retail environment should not be prone to errors, and if that occurs, the employees need to be provided with real-time solutions and support. An IT team can offer support to encourage the employees handling the devices. Using remote diagnostics and application-level support, devices can run smoothly in the field without any revenue-generating downtime.

Selecting any technology to power business presents unique challenges and opportunities. The retail industry is brimmed with competitors where the customers are influenced by the quality of the product and the quality of customer experience. To ensure enhanced customer experience retailers should choose the right partner who can offer continuous support while using mobile technology advancements.