Firms are on striving to streamline their order management system as they realize that such an effort can result in significant business gains.

FREMONT, CA: Based on SDL’s global study, currently, 90 percent of customers expect a consistent customer experience across the channels and devices, whether they are shopping from a smartphone, PC, a catalog, or an in-store kiosk.

A comprehensive order management system (OMS) is essential for every organization that is eyeing to deliver appropriate customer experience. It allows retailers to enhance customer awareness if a product is in stock online or ready for pickup at a store even before they place an online order. OMS promotes fast shipping and offers a higher number of options for shopping online and pick up in-store. In case the consumers are not satisfied with an item they have ordered, an OMS can assist in streamlining the return procedure as well.

Here is a list of the characteristics that contribute to a strong order management system.

Better Inventory Visibility for the Consumers

Users receive the benefit of pulling data whenever they want because of the availability of real-time inventory visibility across all fulfillment sources. Retailers will immediately realize if they have an item in the inventory, assisting them in making commitments to their clients. The above-mentioned capability will become more vital with a surge in demand from end consumers for accurate inventory data. End users will also be able to track their orders using the above platform.

Unified Order Processing Platform

An OMS functioning on a single platform is capable of integrating several systems for working seamlessly in real-time, which includes handling inventory across various fulfillment sources, receiving orders from different channels, and routing to the finest fulfillment sources. Thus, OMS aids in ensuring visibility and offers reliable information to the end customer.

Effective Order Management

An effective OMS will involuntarily route orders to ensure that they are fulfilled from the most efficient fulfillment source. The above approach aids in optimizing inventory management, increasing efficiency, controlling costs, and ultimately offering the optimal customer experience.

In a nutshell, OMS is of great essence to the retail industry. Retailers are advised to explore their options for an OMS carefully. A plethora of choices are available, and it is essential to look for a suitable version that matches the businesses’ unique requirements