Fulfilment functions must ensure that each customer gets the right products on time while simultaneously mitigating its shipping costs.

FREMONT, CA: Today, businesses are searching to reach more customers by providing their products online. If the business wants to set up an e-commerce website and business online, choosing the right e-commerce software is essential. The end goal should be to make the entire customer experience as fast, hassle-free, and easy transaction as much as possible. Optimizing the order fulfilment process with e-commerce order fulfilment software can result in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. Here are some must-have features of an e-commerce order fulfilment software.

Order Management

When looking for features of an order management system, firms have to ensure that the solution can create, view, edit, or look for orders. It should track the orders and their related inventory and shipping. It should communicate the shipping updates to the customer and manages the customer information. It should accept return orders, as well as manage and verify the Return Merchandise Authorizations.

Order Fulfillment Software

Automation is the biggest time-saver, so it is an important feature that firms need to look for. It optimized processes, helps firms save time, and significantly mitigates human errors for e-commerce businesses. As a result, the fulfilment operation is significantly boosted by a large margin. That’s because day-to-day decisions are based on pre-programmed rules instead of employees. Brands should keep in mind that not every e-commerce order fulfilment software solution provides automation as part of its features. So it’s one feature that firms need to explore thoroughly before committing to the software.

User Notifications

Ideally, firms need to have a feature that notifies brands and offers a heads up should critical situations occur. The specific types of situations in which users are notified are different based on the business’ requirements. Brands’ e-commerce order fulfilment software of choice should alert them if the inventory is out-of-stock, have incomplete or inaccurate shipping and tracking information.