Stanford Guo, Founder and Executive Director, My Secure PlaceStanford Guo, Founder and Executive Director
Online shopping has increased exponentially owing to pandemic-driven disruptions that made it impossible for consumers to shop at brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers that chose digital-first and omnichannel mediums have had an easier time pivoting, while those that stuck to physical storefronts over digital avenues have faltered. At the same time, the usage of deeply-rooted legacy systems that lack cross compatibility hindered collaboration across disparate silos within a retail business. As COVID-19 guidelines slowly become less stringent, brick-and-mortar stores are gearing up for a comeback utilizing IoT technologies and edge computing to offer more personalized and intelligent customer experiences.

Supporting businesses in effectively making their comeback with its intuitive retail analytics solution is Malaysia-based My Secure Place. The company provides retail analytics and leverages its 30 years of FMCG and retail industry expertise to help clients comprehend the vision required in the post pandemic Retail era. My Secure Place provides a retail analytics device that tracks customers' movement to assess and improve in-store and window display traffic, sales conversion, staff engagement, in-store merchandising, and product installment strategy.

"Our technologies accurately identify foot traffic, from outside the store to the inside, with a minimum of 95 percent accuracy to obtain valuable insights like visit duration, pass by traffic, and visit frequency, which helps with business optimization," explains Stanford Guo, founder and executive director, My Secure Place. One key feature of the company's retail analytics device is the Advanced People Counter capability that allows retailers to collect data and provide consumer insight such as visit duration, pass-by traffic, visit frequency, and entrance path analytics. The company's device also allows for accurate traffic measurement, automatically excluding in-store employees using key KPI metrics. This enables retailers to understand the complete shopper journey and gain actionable insights that can enhance business performance.

On the other hand, the firm can analyze category sales in combination with product installment strategy, in-store traffic, and average duration of customers to enhance product placement. The company incorporates not just shopper behavior but also the information on goods that customers regularly browse and their sales. This new integrated strategy improves customer experiences and ensures that retail outlets are well supplied with popular items. Concurrently, the company's Full Path Analysis feature identifies instant customer interest spots as soon as they enter a store, allowing business owners to determine the retail hot zone and dead zone. The company leverages its groundbreaking mapping technology to collect online data points and map metrics to similar data in store, thereby providing a deeper understanding of the multi-channel purchase process.
  • Our technologies accurately identify foot traffic, from outside the store to the inside, with a minimum of 95 percent accuracy to obtain valuable insights like visit duration, pass-by traffic, and visit frequency, which helps with business optimization

With such unmatched capabilities, My Secure Place has ignited several success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company assisted a leading Malaysian telecommunications brand in discovering their consumers' top interests upon entering the store. Furthermore, the company supported the customer in determining whether they needed a marketing campaign to promote the introduction of a new smartphone to the market.

The firm is currently expanding its services' applicability into non-retail sectors using the same technology to improve the alignment of customer demands with business processes. In the retail industry, My Secure Place is transforming how brick-and-mortar stores analyze their consumer data while enhancing consumer experiences and operational efficiencies. In the coming months, My Secure Place aims to continue assisting retailers worldwide in countering the online competition with its state-of the-art retail analytics solution.