Brock Yenglin, Director of Visual Merchandising, Market Technologies Inc.Brock Yenglin, Director of Visual Merchandising
In the visually-oriented world of retail marketing, securing the most attractive spot on the shelves is imperative to turning customers into buyers and maximizing revenue. This has led to a long-standing battle for shelf visibility between consumer-packaged goods companies (CPGs) and retailers, giving rise to conflicts in in-store planning. Historically, the two have been at odds as CPG demands do not always match the reality of the retail environment due to unprecedented stockouts, product shortages, or ambiguous product placement. A carefully planned product layout can eliminate this, but manually changing and implementing it to fit multiple stores is a huge time sink.

This is where Market Technologies (MTI), a visual merchandising expert, spins retail magic using automated solutions for in-store marketing.

“We use our expertise in CPG and retail to translate their goals and objectives into a sensible in-store arrangement automatically optimized to benefit both parties,” says Brock Yenglin, director of visual merchandising at Market Technologies.

MTI’s offerings cover the entire gamut of visual and physical merchandising, from category and design management to quality assurance and engineering. Its category management tool RocketSpace gives retailers complete control of their product categories. Built with innovative technology, RocketSpace helps optimize planograms and merchandise product sets on the basis of which products sell and which don’t.

Retailers need to keep their stores looking their best, no matter how busy their schedules. MTI makes it possible with its easy-to-use visual merchandising solution Store Profile. Taking the guesswork out of retail, Store Profile offers detailed data analysis based on a store’s photo to help evaluate all aspects of a store’s visual merchandising, from point of sale items to category layouts.

In the continuously disruptive retail sector, CPGs and retailers must do store-level planning and refrain from mass purchasing and ordering to ensure zero product waste and avoid losing any sales opportunities. Retailers that want to display their private label products on shelves also need to accommodate the shelf space for similar products in that category. MTI helps them create rules for automated planogramming, which makes planogram implementation easier in-store, taking a few minutes up to an hour compared to the many months in a manual execution.

MTI skips the shotgun approach of creating one planogram for all stores, giving retailers and CPGs the flexibility to manage planograms at a one-to-one level. They can place the right products in the right places and stores. In addition, MTI minimizes future headaches by optimizing product sets to always have the correct number of SKUs in stores, helping them avoid out-of-stock events.

Through this combination of automation and optimization, MTI made a world of difference for a rapidly growing retail chain. The client wanted to make a change to their planograms but had to spend almost two months implementing it in-store. MTI helped the retail client design a solution where they could type in the rules and make changes in a matter of minutes. MTI’s optimization of their store-level planning and execution further enabled them to balance the placement of their private label products while avoiding stockouts.

The MTI team’s multi-disciplinary expertise allows it to view issues from multiple perspectives, setting it leagues ahead of its merchandising peers. MTI’s biggest asset, however, is its back-and-forth relationship with clients that helps it stay on top of market trends and innovate and work-shop solutions per customer requirements.
  • MTI helps balance the expectations versus the reality between the CPG and retailer by taking into account the needs of both

The MTI team helps a retailer or CPG develop merchandising materials from start to finish, even at the point of sale. MTI’s quality assurance services make sure clients get the bang for their buck by validating these products and ensuring they last at the retail end. Its expert engineering team tests the products and displays and generates specifications for the precise manufacturing of the product.

MTI’s readiness to take on any challenge and ability to adapt, pivot, and solve problems, paired with its innovative marketing solutions for CPGs and retailers, makes it the one true source for all retail merchandising needs.