John Pitman, Co-founder and CEO , KrunchboxJohn Pitman, Co-founder and CEO
In the world of retail, the speed of processing and distribution of retail data is essential to derive the utmost value from it and prevent data from being outdated. However, retail data is generated in different formats such as incomplete, duplicated, or corrupted which necessitates wrangling of data (data ingestion & cleaning).The challenges of collating Electronic Point of Sale data (POS) from multiple retailers in different formats, not only stresses in-house analysts but also disrupts the entire supply chain.

Against this backdrop, Krunch Box, a global SaaS company, is leaving a mark by helping retail product suppliers to have a competitive edge in the market. Krunch Box is a simple-to-use, cloud-based business intelligence tool designed specifically for suppliers to help them collaborate with their retailers around point-of-sale scan data and make more effective inventory decisions to drive sales. It aggregates and cleans POS data for retail suppliers, then transform it into an analytics platform that provides insights and helps make better decisions to drive sales and optimize inventory. Founded by two Australian wholesalers with over 50 years of combined industry experience, Krunch Box has transformed the wholesaler/retailer relationship by allowing retailers and their suppliers to not only share the same data but to view it through the same lens.

Krunch Box is influencing retail behavior by creating a platform for suppliers to access and analyze their retail point of sale, and scan data quickly and efficiently. Their goal is to move suppliers away from relinquishing control of their products after they leave the warehouse and toward more proactive involvement with them until they reach the end consumer. The company facilitates collecting POS data from a variety of sources and normalizes it so that businesses can slice and dice it across channels, between shops, and inside a single retailer – all the way down to the store or article level.
Krunch Box automates the collection of POS data from any source or format including Spreadsheets, EDI, and retailer portals. By saving master data like Calendars, Store Lists, and Product Codes, and eventually integrating with POS data from the merchant, including sales units and dollars, stock on hand, and so on, Krunch Box exhibit a holistic picture of sales by product, store, and week. Apart from this, the company also helps to extract Point of Sale data out of krunch Box and import it into another system, whether that is an in-house ERP System or a third-party app. Krunchbox focuses on the opportunities, harnessing data to help businesses cluster the right products in the right shops to create incremental sales.

Krunchbox aggregates and cleans POS data for retail suppliers,then transform it into an analytics platform that provides insights and helps make better decisions to drive sales and optimize inventory

Furthermore, Krunch Box also calculates the value of sales lost due to out-of-stocks each week. It will help to address the high-value possibilities and high-velocity items and target the top-trading stores. Quadrant analysis, built-in dashboards, and real-time notifications enable quick decisions that can alter the trajectory of companies. In addition, krunch Box can reduce the time of action from two weeks to two minutes.

With files from over 200 retailers across the globe, Krunch Box has acquired extensive experience in gathering, collating, cleaning, and normalizing data, for businesses. Enabled by point-of-sale analytics software for wholesalers that optimizes inventory, Krunch Box increases collaboration between both internal and external team members and drives incremental sales.