Vince Wilkins, Owner, Partner, Compass Retail Display GroupVince Wilkins, Owner, Partner
While walking past a store, if a product catches your interest and you are tempted to buy it, do you wonder how it caught your eye? A lot of thought goes into displaying a product on the shelf, and one of those crucial aspects is presentation. When seeking to capture customers’ attention, display and fixtures that go beyond basic pre-made models can make a significant difference for retailers.

Compass Retail Display Group’s fixture and display solutions bring this distinction to the merchandising sector with designs that surpass off-the-shelf solutions by tailoring them to fit a customer’s brand and product. Compass Retail Display Group creates astounding displays and fixtures to pique customer interest using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

“Our customers seek their own identity, which we provide through our custom solutions,” says Vince Wilkins, Owner/ Partner of Compass Retail Display Group.

Compass Retail Display Group’s design team begins with a conceptual design and brainstorms with clients to comprehend their dream design or generate interesting ideas. Working back and forth, the design evolves with time and is refined until it becomes a solid concept that is brought to reality by Compass Retail Display Group’s engineers.

Its diverse team comprises corporate marketers, engineers, and manufacturers with a, strong hand in their work due to many years of expertise. In every project, the organization adopts a team approach, seeking insights from each member to develop a holistic view of the design prototype. This methodology enables Compass Retail Display Group to create a one-of-a-kind solution for each customer, whether in material selection, procedure, or design.

The design used to present a product must do so in a manner desirable for clients, which is a major difficulty in the merchandising industry with the added challenge of mitigating material costs and ensuring timely delivery. Compass Retail Display Group goes above and beyond to ensure its clients experience no inconveniences throughout the process by paying close attention to every detail in product presentation and ensuring prompt delivery while being cost-effective.

Compass Retail Display Group’s in-house production is critical to ensuring timely delivery and quality while dealing with escalating material costs, significantly reducing time-consuming complications. If a project benefits from it, some components come in from overseas. Referred to as blended production, this approach provides a competitive edge to Compass Retail Display Group. It also continually invests in new machinery to streamline operations and reduce manufacturing expenses.

Another method Compass Retail Display Group uses to add flair to designs and maintain cost is taking inspiration from the different solutions it provides to its clientele, mainly retailers and brand marketers. For example, it takes inspiration from a process used in manufacturing fixtures for retailers to generate a thick profile of the fixture with seamless edges, which it incorporates in some Point-of-Sale displays for brand marketers to give it a unique finish that would otherwise be expensive.

Our customers seek their own identity, which we provide through custom solutions

For instance, Compass Retail Display Group delivered a sophisticated look at minimal cost to a client. To establish an elite ambience, their first store was designed with unique materials like extremely thick real hardwood fixtures, and cold rolled steel accent pieces on the cabinets. After establishing stores in their first market, the customer was concerned about the budget for some expanding markets, but still wanted that unique ambience. Compass Retail Display Group dove right in to find a solution, which they accomplished by modifying the materials used and the construction during the engineering process.

Through a hand-held approach, it ensures a customer’s satisfaction from start to finish. A one-stop shop for comprehensive display solutions, Compass Retail Display Group helps clients build their future customer base.