Carman Wenkoff

EVP and Chief Information Officer, Dollar General

Carman Wenkoff is the EVP & Chief Information Officer at Dollar General. In this role, Carman has led the company's digital transformation, implementing technology advancements to enhance the brick-and-mortar retailer's offerings and elevate the overall customer experience. During Carman’s career—from working in construction to practicing law, founding a tech company and now as the CIO of a major retailer—he has always addressed challenges head-on. Below, Carman shares the secrets to successfully leading a company through digital transformation and explores how staying true to his purpose and focusing on making a difference in people’s lives have been the most important driving factors behind his success.


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How Digital Disruption is Driving the Retail Sector
By: Carman Wenkoff, EVP and Chief Information Officer, Dollar General

Everything starts and ends with people and it is critical that your team knows what you stand for when it comes to their careers and the culture that starts from the top

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